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About omni mold & die


     Omni Mold & Die, LLC began operations on January 2, 2012 in the same location as previously occupied by Omni Tool Inc.  We are a new company with a new owner, but other than that, all of your previous contacts will remain the same.  Omni Mold & Die is continuing to service the past customers of Omni Tool located in NC, SC and VA, and diligently working to bring in new customers.  Modernization is a high priority for Omni Mold & Die, LLC, especially in the areas of CNC machinery, three-dimensional CAD design and computer aided manufacturing.  In addition to designing, building and repairing molds for the plastic industry, including compression, transfer, blow and injection molds, we also serve the die casting and metal stamping industries.  Combined with all of the services previously mentioned we manufacture short and long run production parts of many varieties.  To recap the information on the size and services of our organization:

Building size:             15,000 sq. ft.

Employees:                 13

Services:                    In-house parts and mold design, new mold building, repair work and maintenance, engineering                                              changes, stamping die mfg., microscopic tool steel welding, aviation repair work, heat-treating, mold                                      polishing.

An inventory of the machines and equipment we have available to our customers is listed separately. Should you have any questions concerning our capabilities, please feel free to call.  The opportunity to talk with you would be very much appreciated.